ILEADER is composed of a core

of about 25 people based in Tirana The commonly used design software are: QGIS, ARCGIS, AUTOCAD, REVIT

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The constant training

of operational staff allows ILeader to be adequate for every market need
of international telecommunications!

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Superior support

The high level of security allows us to offer customers up-to-date solutions.

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Why us?

We are good at what we do and we get results. We want to add value even within a fixed fee, our goal is always and regularly to create meaningful opportunities for our customers.

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  • Network design Complete updating of databases Map updates Zoning of the municipal area using ArcGis
    We are focused on results. We encourage and allow you to be the best you can be and to set your ambitions as high as possible.

    Recent Projects

    FTTH Network Design

    Complete update FTTH, metro and long distance databases

    FTTH Network Design in Small Word

    Fiber optic distribution and long distance network design

    Requests for permits from public bodies and private entities for the laying of underground and overhead infrastructures and cables with the preparation of all the documentation in Autocad and the preparation of the necessary documentation for initiating the investigation and obtaining authorizations.

    Back office activities


    Network design

    Network design using Open Fiber's PNI Small Word platform, which consists of: - design of the optical fiber network specifying the path that FO will have to follow in the customer's home. - design of pipes, shafts and excavations to be carried out in the optical fiber replacement service to provide customers with an internet line in a particular residential area. - design of fiber number (fo), fiber length and elements needed to provide Internet clients.

    Complete database update

    - after completing the theoretical design of the network, we proceed with the completion of the databases to establish the logical connections for the operation of the fiber optic network. This is done in the portal databases of our clients.

    Map updates

    This phase consists of redesigning the existing network as needed to increase the number of Internet subscribers. The system updates the number of pipes, installs new wells and electrical installations needed for new customers.


    Fulfillments allowed to public and private bodies for the installation of infrastructures and underground and overhead cables with the preparation of all the documentation in Autocad and the preparation of all the documentation necessary for the initiation of investigations and obtaining authorizations.

    Zoning of the municipal area through ArcGis

    which consists in:
    - Topology - The errors generated during the digitization phase are checked. - Classification of polygons created using orthophotos as main map. - Final verification and control of the geological database.


    The staff specialized in programming in various languages offers support for any request concerning programming!

    Tirana Offices

    • Rr. SAMI FRASHERI NR 9, Kati 8, AP 28 , Tirane
    • +355696970633, +393206666434
    • [email protected]
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